Modular versatility

Portfolio comprising of high and low modular furniture that can furnish different types of bathrooms, such as social, shared and master bathrooms.  ATU bathrooms provide comfort and functionality without losing the attractive and unique touch of each project.


  • ATU modules made of particle board 0.6 in. thick, with all of their faces covered with white melamine and PVC edges. The modules are assembled with "confirmat" screws.
  • The modules for areas of constant moisture, such as sinks, lavatories, gas, are manufactured entirely in hydro-resistant particle board (HR - TROPICAL) with both sides coated with white melamine and sealed edges with PVC profile.
  • Low modules: 28.3" in height, 19.7" in depth.  Available in different widths.
  • Suspended modules: 21.3" in height, 19.7" in depth.  Available in different widths.
  • High modules: heights of 28" and 23.6",  12.2" in depth.  Available in different widths.
  • The standardization of measurements allow the combination of modules of any kind in any environment.  You can mix modules of different types with absolute compatibility.
  • We recommend to consider these steps to ensure proper installation of furniture.
  • A wide variety of finish combinations for the different components of this line.
  • This line makes materials such as metal, glass, melamine or laminate fuse together in a harmonious way for the design of each project.

ATU's production process of modular kitchens, closets and bathrooms is under the AS / NZS ISO9001: 2008 certification.

ATU is a company that is always innovating and improving its production, which is why the materials, the origin of its raw materials and technical specifications may change without prior notice.


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