Vivendi has a modern aesthetic and is functional.  Working in the Vivendi environment is as pleasant and comfortable as working at home.

In ATU, based on global design trends, we have developed contemporary panel divisions with the concept of feeling comfortable while having the ability to customize your space in the office.

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  • The Vivendi base component is an empty steel structure that allows for the routing of cables through its interior. 
  • It has perforated vertical rails to anchor work surfaces, files storage and accessories.
  • The baseboard or skirting board has separated ducts for the management of electrical, voice and data cables from the floor, drop ceiling or walls.
  • The voice and data cabling can be managed horizontally and vertically through the structure or baseboard in a separate and orderly manner.
  • Differentiation by wiring color, outlets are easily installed eliminating the probability of losing connections.
  • Electrified tiles can be distributed to any height of the panel to locate electrical and data outlets.
  • It has interchangeable panels of glass, melamine, metal, lacquered wood or textile material that is easy to install.
  • Various configurations and divisions of work spaces with different panel heights and materials .
  • Vivendi has a wide variety of finishes including; metal, glass, laminates, wood and textiles.
  • Highly resistant panels in flat colors, such as white, yellow, neon green, among others, and also in wood textures, such as wenge, tobacco, Swiss mocha, etc.
  • The structure and steel screens (decorative or accessory holder) are available in colors, such as graphite, white and platinum.
  • Coatings that are highly resistant to impact, artificial light, moisture, detergents and household solvents. 
  • Tempered glass in various finishes, such as transparent, frosted or striped.

Furniture designed and manufactured under international quality standards.

  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute).
  • BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer Association).
  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 y X5.3-2007.
  • AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 Certification.

ATU is a company that is always innovating and improving its production, which is why the materials, the origin of its raw materials and technical specifications may change without prior notice.


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