What is new at ATU International


ATU International presents new products for office environments. With these new additions to its extensive catalog, ATU reaffirms itself as an innovative company in furniture design. Thanks to its strategic alliances, product quality, customization of its elements and functionality of its concepts, ATU currently meets the needs of the market and offers innovative, useful products with excellent presentation.

Line A +, a premium line of high industrial and design quality, is a product of ATU in collaboration with the designer Mario Arias.  His inspiration was the minimalist lines and nobility of materials, such as leather, glass, wood and steel. In addition, ATU has created the new chair Series "Q"; Emi, Eva, Bea and Ali.  The new Brisa chair in the Art Design line completes the new seating series. The Brisa line also includes the Brisa Manager and the Brisa Visitor, which are simple modern alternatives for offices, waiting rooms and executive lounges.

Similarly, ATU has refreshed the design of diverse products, such as Stitch table, Mose chair, Chat meeting table and Tide modular system; that all present new ideas.

With these new lines and products, ATU seeks to create welcoming, collaborative and friendly work environments for their users.  ATU values the smallest aspects, such as functionality, comfort and dynamic performance in spaces, as well as details, such as easy access to electrical connections and data, among others.  In this way we ended a great year with new and fresh ideas.

Visit our showrooms and see all of the new products that ATU International has to offer.